The SUSCONĀ Africa Foundation is a UK not-for-profit company, based in Oxford England. Our goal isĀ to support and ensure the success of sustainability and nature conservation projects throughout Africa.

By providing much needed support to conservation teams and projects, the SUSCON Africa Foundation aims to ensure the long term success and prosperity of critical conservation initiatives. Focused mainly on game reserves, these initiatives protect wildlife and the natural environment around them by tackling the serious conservation challenges they face.Rhino DNA testing crop

The SUSCON Africa Foundation helps to enable numerous projects to continue their vital work in the field including groundbreaking research, conservation of endangered and threatened species and all-important education around fundamental sustainability principles.

Through successful collaborations with its partners on the ground, the SUSCON Africa Foundation helps to raise awareness and fund critical conservation work recognising that the long-term survival of many species and their environment is dependent on sustainable development and action.


Our projects are focused on South Africa and gradually expanding into the rest of the African continent. These projects are funded worldwide but with the main focus on funding from the UK, where the SUSCON Africa Foundation operates from.